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What I learned this past week (or so)….

24 Aug

I learned that this GF/Vegan thing might be a lot easier than it sounds. I have learned this because my prayers have been answered and I am having physical reactions to things I never used to react to. It goes like this:

My 16 year old cousin came to visit for a week. Initially, I tried to stay on track in terms of gluten etc. but with all the sightseeing etc we were doing, I sort of threw caution to the wind and ate whatever I felt like. Soon, I started feeling not so hot – tired, gassy, constipated – all the good stuff. But did that stop me? Hell no! I continued to eat pizza, subway and ice cream without a second thought (in well controlled portions of course, I don’t need to gain back any of the weight I’ve lost). Well, by the time Lauren left, my guts were in full rebellion. I’m talking “going off call because my intestines were locked in one giant cramp” type of rebellion. The day before I left for Halifax, I laid on the couch all day trying desperately not to touch my stomach for fear of the pain and drinking my “meals”. I had smoothies and soups all day and started to feel a bit better. Until supper. When I ate a chicken shawarma (am I stupid or what?!). [For those that don’t know, a shawarma is meat in a tasty, creamy sauce, wrapped in a pita and they are darn tasty!]

Come Friday morning, my intestines were once again wreaking havoc on my body. My smoothie went down well and felt soothing and I started to wonder if maybe it wasn’t something else making my stomach hurt. Having apparently left my brains in Hamilton, I fully indulged in all the freebies Porter Airlines has to offer in their stellar Toronto lounge – chocolate chip shortbread, some other kind of cookie and delicious latte’s. By lunchtime, I could deny it no more – the cookies had done their work and I was once again in agony. Any kind of touch or movement hurt my guts. 😦

So, from that point on (except for a tasty run-in with some FABULOUS fish and chips in Halifax) I avoided all wheat/gluten products – and what do you know, my tummy slowly stopped hurting until I was almost feeling like my old self again by Sunday (except for the nasty beer flu I picked up at the wedding).

Good times. It almost made me reconsider the “pulled pork postponement”….

T-13 days folks!! (Roughly, depending on when we make it to ribfest)


What do you want from me?

2 Aug

This blog is going to be the place where I journal about the pros and cons of healing my body through diet. As I think about the changes I’m looking for, I wonder – are there things you guys want to know?

I’ll be commenting on the following:

  • what I eat (recipes etc)
  • how I feel physically (energy etc) and emotionally (would I kill for a cheeseburger?)
  • intestinal/bowel stuff (will try to overwhelm with tmi)
  • menstrual pain (related to the endo – this way of eating is supposed to help big time)
  • weight

Have I missed anything that you’re dying to know about?