Day 1 – only 91 more to go!

6 Sep

Woke this morning with a little bit of a ribfest hangover in the way of some mild GI upset. It’s funny, yesterday I was feeling very apprehensive about this whole thing – worried about if I would be able to do it, thinking of all the things I will miss, wondering if I’m crazy for doing this through Thanksgiving and a trip to Palm Springs etc etc etc. This morning though, I was once again feeling confident about this little research project. I am getting excited to see the changes that I am pretty certain will come, excited by the challenge of eating this way and the new recipes I will try. I’m still a little worried about what will happen if I get slammed at births, but I’ve got a box of Larabars in the car and some GF/V bread and peanut butter ready to go at a moments notice. That, combined with a tasty chocolate VEGA smoothie should get me through the rough patches. I have also ordered some great tupperware that is good for the freezer and Ian and I are planning to make double batches of everything so I can freeze one or two servings of each meal for easy to grab meals in a pinch.

Food today wasn’t so exciting – not only was I hung over from ribfest, but I was also hung over from the birth this weekend. It’s always the day after missing a night of sleep that I feel like I’m walking around in a fog. I slept through my alarm for two hours this morning! (After going to bed at 10pm last night).

On the menu today:

Breakfast = one slice of toast, pb&j, tea with almond milk and agave

Lunch = One of the previously abandoned stuffed peppers

Snack = Some non-vegan chocolate (hey, I have to eat it or it will go bad) and a tablespoon of peanut butter

Dinner = The last pepper

And then, because I was still craving chocolate and peanut butter, I whipped up some GF/V cupcakes and V peanut butter icing and ate one of those too!

The chocolate/caffeine thing will be interesting. I am certainly off coffee and I will be trying to limit the amount of caffeinated tea I am drinking (because these are big no-no’s too). Also, will have to seek out a tasty Vegan Chocolate….because I can do three months without the other things, but three months without chocolate will surely kill me.

Anybody have any recommendations?


One Response to “Day 1 – only 91 more to go!”

  1. Lisa B September 7, 2010 at 7:55 am #

    Rhea, I’m enjoying reading your blog! I’m pretty sure that Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips are vegan. They also have some tasty (but pricey) cookies and bars that make for good quick snacks. There was another brand (Green & Black’s, I think) that had a vegan dark chocolate bar at one point, but I have had trouble finding it for a while.

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