Ribfest – parts 1 AND 2

6 Sep

Yum, yum – I sure do loves me some pulled pork! Ever since I first tried it in North Carolina some 8 (?) years ago. It’s not something I eat too often, but it sure is tasty!

The original plan was to enjoy the ribfestivities on Friday – first day it was running – so I could quickly move on to my new eating habits. We were planning to go with friends who couldn’t make it on Friday, so we bumped it to Saturday. Then Saturday was a no-go for them too, so Sunday it was. Except Saturday afternoon I became struck with fear that the impending baby-storm would come to bite me in the ass and I was worried I would end up at births all day Sunday and Monday, thereby missing ribfest and my last supper. So I did what any pulled-pork loving hippy would do…I went twice!

That’s right folks, two last suppers right here! Two times the line-ups, two times the pulled pork, two times the gelato, and two times the bloating!!

Saturday evening Ian and I ignored the very yummy Quinoa Stuffed Peppers that were in the crockpot and made our way down to the lakeshore. We each grabbed a pulled pork sandwich and some baked beans, found some chairs that were not too wet (it had been raining off and on all day) and sat down to enjoy our feast. Except that it wasn’t so good. The beans were just so-so, the bun was as white and store bought as you could get and the pork was kinda dry. All in all we were very disappointed. So we wandered over to the newly opened gelato shop and consoled ourselves with some of the finest gelato I have ever tasted! Thus the evening was not a total waste and though I was worried that if I ended up at births for the rest of the weekend, my final meal wouldn’t have been anything to write home about, at least I had it.

As it turns out, I did end up at a birth all night Saturday, getting paged out 10 mins after I went to bed and not getting home until one the next afternoon. But I got to catch a lovely little girl and it was SO worth the lack of sleep! I slept from one to five, got up, showered and went back into Burlington for round 2.

Let me just add here that I think the fact that my first go-round was so disappointing was a key factor in the taste sensation I was offered the following day. You see, I was lamenting about my poor experience from the night before and the other midwife I did the birth with (who had made her own trek to ribfest on Friday night) said she had had some of the BEST pulled pork ever at a stand called “Fatbacks”. “Get the extra sauce”, she counseled me, “it’s awesome”!

So, upon arriving at ribfest for the second time in as many days, my group and I made a bee-line for “Tennessee Fatbacks” which, ironically, was right next to the place we had eaten the night prior – in fact, I had even considered ordering from there the night before, but we didn’t feel like starting in line again.

A half-rack of ribs, 1 pound of pulled pork (we skipped the ‘sandwich’ part, because honestly, the bread was just a delivery mechanism for the meat) and serving of beans and coleslaw later, Ian and I were some very happy campers, as were Debbie and Kenny who had ordered the same thing. The extra sauce was awesome and it was exactly what I had imagined when I planned it as my final “standard” meal.

Symptom wise, I was moderately ok Sunday morning – maybe because I was up all night and things were able to keep working themselves through. Or maybe it’s more of a cumulative thing because this morning (after two pulled pork dinners in a row) I was feeling it way more – bloaty and gassy. It’s late now and I’m still feeling it a little bit. Looking forward to not feeling this again for some time to come.

And so, it ends and begins today.


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