4 days in – so far so good

9 Sep

Given that it’s been a busy week birth/work-wise, I’d say I’m doing pretty darn good. Day 1 was easy. Day 2 was also pretty easy given that I was hanging out with a client who’s kids have some dietary challenges so they are gluten/dairy free. While sitting around waiting to see if she was really in labour or not (planned homebirth), I was treated to some YUMMY GF/DF bagels from Aidan’s. They are not easy to get in Hamilton, but I may just have to make the trip out to Port Credit to get my hands on some of these tasty little delights!!

Day 3 was a surprise for me. I was up late at a birth (see above – she wasn’t in labour during the day, but really kicked in around 1130 at night so I was out until 430am). Usually, I wake up STARVING and willing to sell my left arm for a cheeseburger! However, as I rolled out of bed at the crack of noon to get myself ready for clinic, all I could think about was a “Happy Buddha Bowl” from my new favourite store, Kindfood. I love this place and my vegan-venture will be made much easier thanks to them. It was pleasantly surprising to find myself craving brown rice, avocado, sweet potato etc. And it also really hit the spot!

Day 4 *might* have involved another Buddha Bowl – also, a smoothie and some vegetable chips.

Talked to my mom today who is joining me in this little experiment. She has her own host of auto-immune crap going on – different than mine, but no less of a pain in the ass. Most notably, her Crohn’s gives her no end of grief. She’s been a seafood/dairy eating vegetarian for a number of years now. As our collective issues were getting worse through the spring and summer, I convinced her to try this with me. Her report as of this evening was that she was already feeling much better. She hasn’t taken her meds for Crohn’s in 2 days and has been reasonably pain/bloating/bowel issue free (something that was previously impossible). So, yay for quick improvements for mom!

Myself, I haven’t noticed too much of a difference yet.


1. Yesterday I was starving when I got home (my day ended up going sideways due to births/visits and I didn’t get home until 10pm – good thing those Buddha Bowls are filling!). I had talked to Ian on the phone earlier and he said he was making vegetarian Pad Thai. “What did you use in the sauce instead of eggs”? *crickets* “Oh crap. I forgot you can’t have eggs”. So, I reassured him I would find something to eat when I got home. Well, when I finally did get home I had been thinking about his super awesome Pad Thai though both baby visits and I figured that a little bit of egg couldn’t hurt. Except when I got home, the Pad Thai was nowhere to be found! I figured he had taken it with him to save me from myself. “What a sweetheart”, I thought. I happily ate my soup, loving the man who is doing his best not to tempt me. When he got home, I told him how nice that was because I had been ready to tear into a bowl of egg-laden-pad-thai-y goodness. “Um, I didn’t take it with me, when I cracked the second egg in after getting off the phone with you, it was bad. So I threw the whole thing out”.

2. Less of a confession, more of a “look how good I am”: I had tea at a client’s house today and she didn’t have anything other than cow milk to put in it – so I drank it black…with just a touch of sugar.


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