A Successful Week

14 Sep

It’s been just over a week and nary a morsel of gluten nor animal product has passed my lips. Yay me! Only 12 more weeks to go.

Oh, and I celebrated my first week by ordering a VITAMIX – it arrived this morning and I am already in love love love! I was up at a birth all night, so when the knock on the door woke me up, my first thought was “go away, I’m sleeping”. I was just about to drift back to sleep when the vitamix-obsessed part of my brain yelled “it’s here – go get it”! So, out of bed I flew, jammies, sleep mask and all, and ran to the door – poor delivery guy! I happily signed for the order and took it back to bed with me – we snuggled for awhile, getting to know each other for a little bit and then I put him to work – and he made me the most wonderful, velvety green smoothie ever….*contented sigh* I’m sure there will be many happy moments between us.

The rest of the week was fine – had one brief temptation on Saturday night. We had tried to have a neighbourhood BBQ (to which only 4 of the 10 confirmed guests showed up) – I had bean burgers and Karina’s awesome dairy free potato salad. Later we went to a friend’s house to play a game and drink some wine – and then he pulled out the candied salmon….mean trick! Even the wine wouldn’t let me fall off the wagon though, and I not-so happily watched the others enjoy their tasty treat.

That’s ok though, ’cause now I have a vitamix!!


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