I heart my Vitamix…and more

16 Sep

Since getting my Vitamix three days ago I have used it at least twice a day – and it really is all it’s cracked up to be. I have made some very tasty (and healthy) smoothies for breakfast (lunch and dinner). And we have also tried out the soup feature which is AWESOME. The first night I got it I threw in some broth, tomatoes, avocado, half a lime, some garlic, cilantro, black beans and corn. Fired it up and 6 minutes later we had steamy hot avocado and black bean soup. So tasty and even a little bit healthy!

We tried soup again the next night, but we didn’t have all the ingredients we needed so it didn’t turn out so well – but let me be clear: this was OUR fault, not the fault of dear old VM. Instead, I had a smoothie for dinner! My friend Nat was trying to tell me that I can’t just live on a liquid diet, but I don’t see why not. She probably thinks that ’cause she hasn’t used VM for herself or tasted the love that it pours forth!

In other news, how am I feeling?

All in all, I’m feeling well. The last few days have been a bit funky because I got my period and that usually wreaks no end of havoc on my system. All symptoms were present and accounted for, but not as severe as they have been in the past. I’m still feeling a bit bloated but things are on the upswing.

Energy wise, I’m feeling alright – though it’s tough to say exactly because I’ve been busy busy busy. Lots of babies and the requisite assessments and visits that go with them.

To date, no known cheats – though there was one incident where the corn chips I was eating actually did contain some wheat (I guess that’ll teach me to read labels before I stuff something in my mouth).

What am I missing? Nothing. Seriously and truly, this has been pretty easy so far. For that I’m thankful.

Appointments: I had the follow up to get my MRI results last week which were (unfortunately) everything I expected and more. I’m not keen to go into too much detail just yet but the shitty news is certainly giving me great inspiration to keep at this diet and do it well. Other than that, no decisions are being made just yet – I am just in the process of information gathering. This week I saw my naturopath, my family doc and an endocrinologist. In a couple of weeks I see a gyne specialist. Then back to my GP and potentially off to another specialist for a second opinion as needed.

Can I just say though, you know I’m with the right family doc when she says to me “I think surgery is a bit drastic, maybe lets just stick to these dietary changes to reduce all this inflammation and see if your body can’t heal itself”.

I heart her too.


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