Week 2 Report

20 Sep

Reflecting back over the two weeks I’ve been doing this, I felt it would be helpful if I started doing a weekly report. So, every Monday I will focus on writing about the same categories of things – you know, to see if things are improving, deteriorating, or staying the same. I posted these ‘categories’ in a previous post but if there’s something that’s missing, something you’d love to know about, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate!


  • Physically: I’ve been feeling pretty good so far. I can’t say I’ve noticed a ton of extra energy or anything like that but maybe I don’t feel quite so run down? It’s been hard to say ’cause it’s been a busy couple of weeks at work – lots of babies, lots of visits, lots of late nights. Working 12+hour days is going to make anyone tired! On second thought, maybe I am doing well because I’m working these long days and not feeling totally dead by the end of the day.
  • Emotionally: I am so super thankful at how well this transition has gone. I am not missing one little thing. I am feeling very positive about the whole thing. Also very hopeful that I will see a decrease in symptoms from thyroid stuff, endo stuff, bowel stuff and other stuff. Is this still the novelty of the thing? I don’t know….but I sort of feel like I did when I quit smoking. It was just so easy and I never looked back. Even a short time later, it felt like I had never been a smoker in my life. This GFV thing is sort of feeling the same way….kind of like it’s just always been this way….


  • Well, there was some stuff going on related to my period, but it was certainly not as severe as it has been in the past. Over the last couple of days, things have actually been quite good. Not 100%, but better than it has been in a while.


  • My period was essentially the same, just less. But, it had only been a short time that I had been eating differently. I’m keen to see what happens next time around.


  • Down 3 pounds since starting. Not bad!


  • I have knowingly and repeatedly eaten non-vegan chocolate. Partly because it’s in the house and I don’t want it sitting here for 3 months and then throwing it out. Partly because it’s just so damn tasty and I can’t help myself. It’s good dark chocolate though, so it’s good for me – right?


  • This past week I watched my husband and friends eat some very tasty looking/smelling homemade apple pie. I was tempted to eat just the apple filling, but most of that stuff also has flour in it too. So I stuck to my non-dairy peach ‘ice cream’ made in the vitamix – and maybe some chocolate!
  • At an early morning birth yesterday I turned down some seemingly fantastic coffee. But I did have a glass of champagne with the family once babe was out! 🙂

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