THE confession

7 Oct

Um – so my last post was maybe a bit misleading – you know, the part where I said I didn’t really have anything to confess. Well, that’s not entirely true. In fact, it’s so far from the truth, I’m actually all the way around the world from the truth and looking at its back.

The story goes something like this:

Sunday night, our second to last day in Palm Springs, Nat and I decide to go for a nice dinner (getting a ride in the limo) and then some dancing at a local gay bar (PS is a very gay friendly place indeed). So, we start the evening at home with a vodka and strawberry lemonade cocktail – yum. At the restaurant, we each order a watermelon vodka drink and by the time we hit the club we are a bit tipsy. At the club, we continue on with some grapefruit vodka and lemonade. This is really where it all started to go sideways, you see they were pouring VERY generous drinks. And these generous drinks were TASTY. And we were dancing lots so we were THIRSTY. You can already see where this is going can’t you?

Let’s just say that the ending to this story isn’t so pretty and leave it at that.

So Nat and I wake up after the not so pretty ending, wishing for a swift death feeling a little rough around the edges. I think the first sentence out of my mouth was “I NEED a cheeseburger….and onion rings”! And Natalie, bless her heart, begged and pleaded me not to do it, saying that she didn’t want to be the source of my downfall. “You won’t be”, I replied. “Maybe we should go get you a smoothie, and some huevos rancheros” (read: vegan scrambled tofu with salsa). “Look Nat, I feel like crap and beans and rice ain’t gonna cut it! I am a big girl and I am making this decision all on my own – and I’ll be sure to tell everyone how much you fought against it. Now, get dressed because you are driving me to Fatburger!!” (you see, I wasn’t feeling well enough to drive myself). So, off we went. The ride seemed to take forever, and the wait for the food even longer. But finally, it arrived in all it’s cheeseburgery-onion-ringy glory. (Small success here, I skipped the Maui Milkshake – yay me).

And it was good. And we went back to the hotel and slept some more.

But, the story doesn’t end there – oh no friends, it gets even better. You see, someone at the hotel (very small hotel, 10 rooms, one patio around the pool) ordered a pizza for dinner. And what had I been craving for TWO weeks? Pizza. So naturally, I went ahead and ordered a large pepperoni pizza.

And it too was good. And washed down with a CAN OF COKE!!

You see, I figured the day was a total bust anyway, so in the spirit of “go big or go home”,  I WENT BIG!

And I paid the price the next day. Severely. I felt almost as bad as I had the day prior, just without the wicked headache……or the craving for a cheeseburger.


3 Responses to “THE confession”

  1. Jen October 7, 2010 at 10:47 pm #

    This made me laugh! I am SO glad you had fun 🙂 And I am sure the cheeseburgery, onion ringy, pepperoni pizza-y goodness was ALL worth it despite the intestinal aftermath. Now your cravings are at bay for another while 🙂

  2. Steph October 8, 2010 at 9:42 am #

    Oh Rhea! You definitely did a LOT better than I would have, and for so long!

    It’s maybe a good thing it all played out as it did, so now you have some feelings to associate with possible cravings down the road. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very sorry you were so sick. I hope you’re feeling better now.


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    […] stopped drinking it altogether – I pretty much stopped drinking any alcohol (except for the lost weekend). I had half a beer at my Christmas party last week, and some white wine at Ian’s Christmas […]

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