Week 4 Report

7 Oct


  • Physically: Have been feeling good – but really, spending several days lounging by the pool in Palm Springs is going to make anyone feel good.
  • Emotionally: No real concerns (see above re: Palm Springs).


  • Have been a bit funky since travelling – not running as smoothly as things were last week.


  • No specific menstrual stuff, but an interesting finding: Drinking tequila makes me crampy. Same way that wine does. I’m not sure I like where this is going.


  • Um, conveniently no weigh in this week since I am out of town. But I’m willing to bet I’m up – there’s some good eats (and beverages) in Palm Springs.


  • Nothing to report.


  • Successful planning for air travel meant that I was eating some wonderful snacks, as well as a delicious kind salad and buddha bowl from my favourite place to eat. I had even picked us up some tasty smoothies in sealed bottles and had great visions of Nat and I feasting on the flight – except I forgot about liquid restrictions blah blah blah – so Nat and I had to slam back our smoothies before we could go through security. Boo.
  • Got a hotel with a kitchenette so we could make some of our own food.
  • Sought out some great GF/V restaurants in Palm Springs – I even had GFV pancakes!
  • Asking restaurants to alter/omit ingredients to make stuff I can eat.

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