Week 5 Report

11 Oct


  • Physically: Feeling well – very surprised at the long-lasting effects of the crap I at in Palm Springs. Yikes! Good to know though.
  • Emotionally: Well – enjoying my holiday from work. Still having fun coming up with new ideas – and melding different recipes into my own.


  • Just ok – I’m really being conscious of how much water I am (not) drinking and trying to increase that. I think it’s helping.


  • Nothing yet – due this week and I’m SO excited to see if there are any changes. I don’t think I’ve EVER looked forward to it this much!


  • Down 3lbs from Palm Springs – so back where I was.


  • After the blow out last week, I was pretty careful this week. So really, nothing to confess. No, REALLY. 😉


  • Made my own Buddha Bowl and it rocked.
  • Tonight I will be having a GF/V Thanksgiving dinner. Mostly because I’m bringing all my own food.
  • Getting more greens in my smoothie every day.
  • Gave the dog a bath – not related to food in any way, but a success nonetheless – he’s a big boy and bathing him is always an event.

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