Week 6 Report

24 Oct

Eek – the days have been getting away from me. Just realized it’s almost time for my week 7 report and I haven’t done week 6…..bad, bad blogger!!


  • Physically: Feeling well, well, well!! No complaints, more energy.  Fun fact: I’m not as stinky. I have had a lot of issues with mainstream deodorants/antiperspirants in the past – blocked sweat glands etc – very painful, not at all fun. So, I use an organic deodorant only – mainly a blend of different essential oils. It works alright, I’ve just had to adjust to a new normal when it comes to how much stink is ok. As long as I’m not noticeably odorous to those around me, I’m ok with it. Usually, come the end of a long birth though, I’m keeping my arms at my sides!! Recently however, it’s not been a problem. In fact, there have been several times where I have forgotten to put deodorant on and I can hardly even tell. So bonus points there.
  • Emotionally: It was a rough week for other reasons. Food related stuff has been fine.


  • Bowels have been good. Little bit of constipation related to my period as has been the norm lately, but I think less than usual? Tough to say.
  • Over the past few months, I have been noticing a very unsettling thing related to my period. Late in the day on day 1 and peaking on day 2/3 and then resolving day 4, I feel like I have the flu. Like full on influenza – aches, chills, shivering, sweating. Except I don’t. No fever, nothing. And I get WICKED intestinal cramping – small and large intestine. Like it hurts to the touch and I can’t even stand up straight.This past Sunday I spent the afternoon sleeping off a birth, shivering under piles of blankets ’cause I was so chilled, but sweating. And curled in a ball for the pain. I don’t like this one bit. Trying to figure out what is going on with this. Any ideas ?


  • HALLELUJA!!!! Shout it from the rooftops!!!! My cramps were SOOOO less than they usually are. I took NO ADVIL!! [not entirely true, I did take meds for the intestinal cramps as described above – but it was certainly not uterine related and it wasn’t until day 3]. I did get some cramping and discomfort, little bit of pelvic pressure but it was nowhere near what I normally get. I kept waiting and waiting for it to get worse and it never did…..After 20 years of wanting to throw up and die with my periods, I can’t even explain what this means to me.
  • This was really only the first period I had since starting the diet (the other one was 10 days in) so I can only imagine it’s going to get better.


  • Same


  • Nothing


  • No advil, no wanting to die, no hating my uterus and wanting to scoop it out like pumpkin guts.

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