31 Oct

Being more than half-way through this crazy experiment, I am starting to reflect on the changes I have noticed and wondering what I’ll do about it once I’m done on December 7.

I have always thought I would re-introduce some things….fish for starters. I would kill for a big hunk of BBQ salmon…..or smoked salmon…..

Trouble is, when is it “re-introducing” and when does it become “back to my old ways”? I’m still having regular cravings for things like eggs, feta and these fantastic chicken sausages we get from a local farm (ingredient list = chicken, spices). Will this ever go away completely?

Is once a month too much? Do I go full-force for a couple of days after my period (I want to keep this pain free thing going) and be diligent the rest of the month?

I don’t know for sure, but I do know it’s a slippery slope and I’d like to hang on….


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