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Some sad news:

18 Dec

I think it is well and truly official: I am allergic to red wine. šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦

Red wine is the first thing I discovered made my cramps worse – hellish even. I remember, back in my frequent wine drinking days, my cramps were SO bad, 10 times worse than they were normally. I can’t remember exactly when I made that connection, but then I did “studies”. I wouldn’t drink red wine for a few months, then drink it and voila – misery!

Initially I would avoid red wine close to my period, drinking it only mid-cycle. Eventually though, I started noticing that even then I would get cramps the next day. So I stopped drinking it except for REALLY special occasions (which is too bad, because I absolutely love everything about red wine….). And lately, I had stopped drinking it altogether – I pretty much stopped drinking any alcohol (except for the lost weekend). I had half a beer at my Christmas party last week, and some white wine at Ian’s Christmas party – all was well.

Last night while making dinner with my mom, I had half a glass of red wine – within 20 minutes, my eyes were itchy and dry feeling and I was getting congested. This morning I woke up and my eyes were all goopy and my guts hurt. From HALF A GLASS.

So, I guess that answers that.

I’m going to cry now.


I think I’m learning an important lesson:

10 Dec

Gluten free dough doesn’t like to rise in the same way as regular dough.


Can I just say…

10 Dec

Here’s a little something you probably won’t ever hear again from anyone other than me:

This was the most awesome period EVER.

I had some mild cramping on the morning of the first day. I was scared because of what happened last month (it got kinda bad), so I took one lowly advil in the morning – and didn’t need anything else at all after that! I had little to no pelvic pressure, no rectal pain when sitting and my bowels were reasonably well behaved – very little difficulty passing anything and only a tint of spotting – a far cry from my usual. PLUS, I had no intestinal cramping, bloating, aches, chills or abdominal tenderness. I felt normal!! I didn’t hate my reproductive system and I actually had to keep reminding myself that I was having my period.

There are simply no words for how truly wonderful this is.

Part of me is super surprised at how quickly I have seen such dramatic changes in my body (especially around this particular issue). And part of me feels stupid for not doing it sooner (Since I’ve know about the benefits of a gfv diet for several years now). But really, I’m just thankful that this transition has been so easy, that these changes felt simple and straightforward and THAT IT WORKED!!!!

My body is really and truly starting to heal itself and that excites me to no end!!

So, um – yeah….

7 Dec

Sorry for being MIA for a month!! I tell you, the days just get away – I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’ve thought about sitting down to write many times, but there was always other stuff to do. Life is busy!

Also, it turns out blogging is a lot of friggen work! I have developed a new respect for so called “professionals”. It can be quite time consuming to put together a post that is worth reading – so, kudos to them! I am still planning on posting several recipes that I’ve tweaked and made “rhea-friendly” – with pictures and everything….in my defense, my blogging took a serious hit when I cut the tip of my thumb off back in October (go ahead, check the dates). I had a blog post all prepared about that tragedy but then it wouldn’t format properly and I couldn’t be bothered to figure out why….and then my thumb hurt – a lot. And I still can’t type “properly” on my blackberry (*sob*) – but overall, it is improving so I hope that with that, my blogging will improve as well.

Anyway…..I’m not going to go back and fabricate a month’s worth of updates so the following is really a compilation of how the last month has been:


  • Physically: Feeling pretty awesome. Keep meaning to get someone to do some blood work for me, just to see where thing are at. I will try to remember this on Wednesday.
  • Emotionally: No concerns. Overall well – a bit moody the past couple of days, but that is to be expected….


  • Overall doing well. I have noticed that a significant part of this is related to my hot lemon water in the morning.


  • Last month was also an improvement – I had advil-requiring cramps (which sucked), but no intestinal cramping, decreased bloating and only the slightest hint of aches and absolutely zero chills. This was awesome. I’m hoping this month will be no cramps AND no intestinal upheaval.


  • I was up, then I was down – I think I’m exactly where I was last month at this time.


  • Little cheats here and there. Probably the worst was a box of chocolate covered assorted cookies. Busy, hungry midwife in the clinic with nothing but cookies is not a fabulous combination. These wreaked havoc on my intestines, more than the Palm Springs incident even.



And so now what? I set out to do 3 months GFV and for the most part, was awesomely successful. And it has started to make a difference. About halfway through I decided I needed to do three periods worth to really assess change. That will be sometime this week. I promised myself that if I didn’t see change, I would celebrate with a cheeseburger…..Alas, there are no cheeseburger’s in my future – at least not in the traditional sense anyway. I think my body is only just starting to heal itself and throwing in the towel would be a mean trick to play on it at this point.

So, this crazy little lifestyle continues…..


PS Thanks a lot for following this little journey of mine – it meant a lot to know there were folks out there who were curious about what I was trying to find out – and also supportive. I appreciate all the support – verbal and interweb’d.

Keep your eyes peeled for some fun and exciting recipes coming up as I try to veganize many of my favourite holiday treats….I start holidays on December 10 and will be spending some decent time in my mom’s kitchen experimenting….should be fun!!