Can I just say…

10 Dec

Here’s a little something you probably won’t ever hear again from anyone other than me:

This was the most awesome period EVER.

I had some mild cramping on the morning of the first day. I was scared because of what happened last month (it got kinda bad), so I took one lowly advil in the morning – and didn’t need anything else at all after that! I had little to no pelvic pressure, no rectal pain when sitting and my bowels were reasonably well behaved – very little difficulty passing anything and only a tint of spotting – a far cry from my usual. PLUS, I had no intestinal cramping, bloating, aches, chills or abdominal tenderness. I felt normal!! I didn’t hate my reproductive system and I actually had to keep reminding myself that I was having my period.

There are simply no words for how truly wonderful this is.

Part of me is super surprised at how quickly I have seen such dramatic changes in my body (especially around this particular issue). And part of me feels stupid for not doing it sooner (Since I’ve know about the benefits of a gfv diet for several years now). But really, I’m just thankful that this transition has been so easy, that these changes felt simple and straightforward and THAT IT WORKED!!!!

My body is really and truly starting to heal itself and that excites me to no end!!


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