22 Feb

I am getting my period and I have pain. Rectal pain. Uterine pain. Intestinal pain. Blah.

And nobody to blame except myself – and my cheats.

So, I will kick myself in the ass, snuggle up with my advil and my hot water bottles and try to remember this feeling for every time I think, “what’s a little bit of ______”.

Back when I first started, I was DILIGENT. I planned my menus, I had food ready for births, I was prepared. Mentally, I need to get back there.

I also need to get back on my smoothies – when I was having those everyday I felt fantastic. But, it’s hard to want a smoothie when it’s so freaking cold out – I’ve been loving toast with peanut butter and banana. Maybe not for breakfast – maybe for lunch, or a snack? That could work….

So, rather than re-committing at the start of the week or the start of the month, I am now re-committing at the start of a new cycle – here’s to a better month and a better time of it next month at this time!



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