Hello diligence, I’ve missed you!

2 Mar

Well, it’s been a little over a week since I returned to my strict dietary ways and I’m SO glad I did. Within the past 10 days I have had more energy, less bloating, less backpain, lost a pound and have re-created happy bowels.

The GFV life is good. đŸ™‚

Interestingly, when I first started, it took a few weeks to really notice any changes. But I kept chugging along and slowly began to heal. Unfortunately, as I fell from grace, the old feelings and symptoms gradually crept back in, almost imperceptibly….until, WHAM-O, period of death! Now that I’ve been strict about what I’m eating however, it’s like my body wants to encourage this positive behaviour. “Quick, make her feel good – we NEED her to keep doing this”!!

Well dear body, I have heard your plea. I promise to continue feeding you only what makes you feel good. Nice wholesome, natural, anti-inflammatory, plant based foods. All I ask in return is that you stop attacking yourself and continue healing the damage that has been done…ok? Thanks!


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