the babies don’t want me to eat well….

23 Apr

…if they did, they would give me a bit of a break. Which, for the last week, they have refused to do!

Meetings all day Wednesday – then birth. Home and in bed around 3am.

Sleep and visits on Thursday.

Clinic all day Friday – then birth. Then almost another birth which turned out to be a false alarm. Home and in bed around 4am.

Sleep and visits on Saturday.

Sunday evening and night – birth. Home and in bed Monday morning 830 am. Sleep until 2pm, then clinic until 6pm.

Out of bed at 5am for – SURPRISE – a birth. Finished and heading to do paperwork at office at 10am. Called for yet another baby at 11am. Heading home around 6pm.

Nowhere in there did I have time to grocery shop, cook decent food or anything of the like. Even my precious Kindfood let me down – I wanted to grab one of their yummy burgers on my way to clinic on Monday, but they were closed. 😦 And seriously, there’s only so many Larabars a girl can eat.

One day (don’t know which) I was craving a burger. So I had Ian defrost some of our grassfed, organic beef we’ve had in the freezer and throw them on the barbeque. Except I was very disappointed. Mixing up the burgers kind of grossed me out. And they just didn’t taste very good to me. I found myself wishing I had made veggie burgers instead!

There was also a trip to Montana’s in there somewhere. I had a coupon and a gift card, so it worked out to be essentially free. We got a veggie burger and fish and chips. Not good, my friends, not good. But at the time I really didn’t care. I was so tired and hungry and needed something with SUBSTANCE. I thought about a salad with some salmon, but I wasn’t convinced it was going to fill the void created by 5 babies and very little sleep. I should have given it a chance anyway….

The past few days have been better (I’ve been off call – ha!). We are heading out for Easter dinner tonight and I’m bringing my own. The other thing I have to start doing again is freezing portions of what I make – that way I have a quick grab and go meal, and I don’t have to be at the mercy kindfood’s hours…..or my bad decision making when I’m tired.


One Response to “the babies don’t want me to eat well….”

  1. Pip April 23, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    Burger???? Burger???? Really???? so disappointed.

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