Detox Eve

1 May

Tomorrow begins the transition week into the 21 day Green Smoothie Detox. This week involves upping the amount of whole and raw foods in my diet so that it’s not too much of a shock to my system. I’m feeling fairly confident about this as I eat *pretty* well most of the time. And I do a lot of smoothies already. The raw bit will be new though.

I did the grocery shop for this week and came home with a cart FULL of fruits, veggies and greens. I’m kind of daunted by the amount of food I’ll be eating in this next week (and by the amount of fibre I’ll be eating!!), but I’m looking forward to the benefits. Between knowing how good I felt after dinner the other night and this detox, I’m hoping this will be a good kick start back onto my right track of eating.

But, because I’m also realistic and I know there will be a few ‘special occasions’ while I’m in BC, my mom and I have decided that 90% adherence to the detox will be our goal. Basically that means that we can eat non-detox meals 6-7 times over the three weeks. Once I get there, we will make a list of which things/restaurants/events we most want to do and pick the top ones.

I think going in with a plan and a partner will be the key to success! Wish us luck!


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