Detox Update

13 May

Well, it’s been a bit hit and miss since starting my green smoothie detox. The prep week was interrupted twice by babies and while I did manage to stay vegan and gluten free, I wasn’t so “green”. I think one day all I ate was toast with PB&J – three times, once before going to bed at 10 in the morning (was up all night), once when I woke up at 5pm to go back to the hospital, and again at 1 in the morning when I was finally making it to my bed again! All in all, staying VGF was a success because we know how I tend to eat when I’m tired.

The detox officially started on Monday with a modified water fast. From Sunday night after supper to Monday night after supper all you were to have was water, tea, lemon water etc. I had a jam packed clinic day on Monday so I didn’t really have time to eat anyway. By the time 6pm rolled around I was STARVING so I didn’t manage to make it home to make the nice, simple dinner they recommended but again, small victories, I stayed VGF and mostly raw (conveniently, a client had given me a wonderful basket of my kind of goodies).

Since being in Vancouver, I’ve been doing not so bad. With no prep time the first morning of the conference (only 5 hours of sleep!), I figured I could just grab a salad and maybe a vegetable wrap or something. Well, it was a complete bust! There were NO VEGETARIAN SANDWICHES! Unbelievable!! And both salads had either egg or cheese in them. Since I’m really trying to stay dairy free and I shouldn’t be eating eggs they were out too! I grabbed a bowl of the corn chowder only to get halfway through and realize that they probably made theirs with milk or cream (my intestines later confirmed this to be true!). Anyway, it was a hungry afternoon!

Other meals have remained within the boundaries of the detox, though I have to admit I’m having a hard time with the level of “raw” the detox recommends, sometimes I just want something cooked!! Obviously I have been eating hummus.

One thing I am really enjoying is our daily trip to the steam room and sauna. Each evening mom and I spend 20 minutes in the steam room and then 30-40 minutes in the infra-red sauna. You can almost feel the toxins pouring out of you! (haha!) Seriously though, it really is relaxing and I have been sleeping GREAT!

Tomorrow is supposed to be an “all smoothie day” but we are doing it today since we will be out and about tomorrow!

Overall though, I’m feeling pretty awesome! Decent amount of energy, well rested, feeling refreshed in the morning! Looking forward to not being in a conference all day (starting today) so I can get in some time to start exercising!


One Response to “Detox Update”

  1. lauralyzer May 18, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    All sounds amazing. I really admire you for your determination! The steam room/sauna sounds really great. I look forward to doing another detox when life straightens itself out and I can afford it.

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