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18 Sep

We have booked a weekend to do some fall camping. We are heading north east, to Bon Echo provincial park. I’ve heard a ton of nice things about it and I am really excited. Apparently there are all sorts of fun things to do including hiking and canoeing. I can’t wait! It’s been over a year since we went camping – and I especially love fall camping.

Now I just need to plan our meals to stay within the vegan gluten free parameters. I am excited by this challenge – though I see a lot of prep work in my future. And it’s a good thing we’re just going car camping, cans of beans could get real heavy on a hiking trip!

I’ll post a menu as soon as I’ve got it figured out!


“We’re only vegan at dinner”

9 Sep

Day 6 of being back to strict ways of eating and I’m already feeling better! My back doesn’t hurt when I wake up which is always a sure sign I’m eating the right stuff for my body. If I eat bad stuff, my intestines get all out of whack, which then pulls my insides out of alignment, which pulls on my muscles, which gives me a sore back. So I often use back pain as my gauge….

This really was great timing because recently, my family has expanded. We are now a family of 7. Four adults and three kids (ages 6, 4, and 1). You see a friend has just moved to a house around the corner from me. As part of the move, they gutted the kitchen with the hope it would be ready in time. Except it wasn’t. In fact, the “kitchen” is still basically a big, gaping hole – right down to the studs. So they come here to cook. Her boys have lots of dietary issues, so she’s used to cooking how I need to eat. The deal that we made was that she could have total and complete access to my house/kitchen/food, she just had to make extra for us! It’s working really well so far. It’s kind of like Sister Wives, except we each have our own husband!

Her family does eat meat though and the boys were asking about this because she’s not really cooking it while they’re eating here. She was explaining what ‘vegan’ meant and they weren’t too thrilled, so she told them that they’re “only vegan at dinner”.

So far so good though, and as I said – it’s great timing to really get me back on track. Last night we had these amazing “spicoli burgers” made with brown rice, hemp seeds, onion, red pepper and spices – all pureed and made into a patty. DELICIOUS! Tonight’s dinner was Thai Chick-Un Pizza – GF crusts topped with sauce made from ketchup, peanut butter, ginger, garlic, and coconut milk, topped with red pepper, chick peas, pineapple, onion, cilantro and mung beans. Super duper tasty – you wouldn’t think that combination of ingredients in the sauce would be appetizing, but it really was fantastic.

Having children around at mealtimes is also helpful in another way, it’s teaching me to get over my thing with having food particles *everywhere*. Well, it could be teaching me that….really what it’s teaching me is how to wipe faster and ignore my uncontrollable twitching!

The Return

6 Sep

I have been a very bad blogger. I have also been a very very bad GFVer. The summer was hit and miss and a few slips turned into bad falls until the whole thing was almost going sideways.

And I felt like crap – no shocker there.

I started to feel as though I should really get serious about it again, get all prepared like I did last fall. Make a big thing of it. Maybe even hit Ribfest again, you know, like I did in the good old days. But I was really wanting to start thinking about maybe getting back on the wagon – for serious. But then, you know how it goes…..there’s always a little snack to be had somewhere….

And last week I got some more bad health news (which I’m not prepared to share publicly at this time) and it was just the kick in the ass I needed to really repent of my poor dietary ways and turn back to the good.

So, here we go again!


And for your information, I opted NOT to celebrate my renewed commitment by going to Ribfest! Just ’cause I know you were all dying to know!