The Return

6 Sep

I have been a very bad blogger. I have also been a very very bad GFVer. The summer was hit and miss and a few slips turned into bad falls until the whole thing was almost going sideways.

And I felt like crap – no shocker there.

I started to feel as though I should really get serious about it again, get all prepared like I did last fall. Make a big thing of it. Maybe even hit Ribfest again, you know, like I did in the good old days. But I was really wanting to start thinking about maybe getting back on the wagon – for serious. But then, you know how it goes…..there’s always a little snack to be had somewhere….

And last week I got some more bad health news (which I’m not prepared to share publicly at this time) and it was just the kick in the ass I needed to really repent of my poor dietary ways and turn back to the good.

So, here we go again!


And for your information, I opted NOT to celebrate my renewed commitment by going to Ribfest! Just ’cause I know you were all dying to know!



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