Clear Passage – part 2

16 Nov

So, uh, day two was a little LOT more intense than day 1. I arrived at 9am and met with Evette again. This time she spent the hour focused on my uterus and bladder – it felt more intense than the day before, but she was just getting things warmed up! My second hour was with Larry (Belinda’s hubby and the other co-founder) and all I can say is “holy crap”.

He seems like a bit of an odd duck, but nice. Passionate about his work and really wanting me to be involved – ie, let him know exactly what I’m feeling and where, if any of the treatment was too intense and any emotions that might come up during the treatment. We chatted for about 10 minutes and then he got down to business.

He started by doing a general assessment of my abdominal organs. It was so interesting to feel how pliable things are on the left but how rigid things are on the right. When he was done that, he positioned himself sitting beside the table, facing me with my right leg draped over his right shoulder and then he started digging massaging my lower right abdomen. Gradually he increased the depth/pressure until I was sure he could feel the table through my back! He slowly (like 20 mins) worked his way up the right side of my abdomen to just below my ribs (most of the time I was feeling like things were on fire and ripping in my belly a ‘slight burning sensation’). At this point he had moved my leg back onto the table and it basically felt like he was folding my liver in half! I spent much of this time focusing on my breathing and talking myself through it like I do women in labour (“slow deep breaths, relax your shoulders, relax your hips, let all your weight sink down into the bed”). His treatment felt “productive”. Then, while he was kicking the crap out of my transverse colon (right across the top of my abdomen) I got all flushed and nauseated! Hello vaso-vagal response, how nice to see you! This lasted about 10 mins. Then he started to work his way back down my right side and I guess his hands were getting tired because then he stood up, raised the table, and started having a go at me with his ELBOWS! Good grief! This lasted about another 15 minutes and then we were all done. Phew!

Now I should point out, that all the while he kept checking in with me, making sure the pressure was ok, making sure I was ok. They are not trying to intentionally inflict pain, but sometimes breaking down scar tissue is a painful process – there is no way around it. Like I said, it felt effective. And looked effective. My belly was red for at least an hour afterwards…

Then it was time for lunch and since I only had an hour break, mom brought lunch to the clinic. We ate and then went for my prescribed walk around the neighbourhood before starting back again for the afternoon.

The first session of the afternoon had Evette hanging out with my cervix and tailbone again. And again, not so bad. It is however, an odd feeling to have someone massaging your tailbone from the inside!

The last session of the day had me with Kim again. I really warmed up to her this time – she seems like a lot of fun. She picked up where Larry left off – by kicking the crap out of my guts. She was focused on my left side though (equal opportunity for abdominal abuse today) and by the time she was done with me I was also feeling pretty done as well.

We came home and sat by the pool for a bit. I was eating arnica by the handful, slathering myself in homeopathic creams for inflammation and bruising and I also slept for a while. Several hours later I still had finger marks and redness all over my abdomen and I really felt beat up.

Mom and I went out for a bite to eat and a drink (we toasted to my pain and suffering) and then we went shopping for a bit (they told me I have to walk, they didn’t say it couldn’t be around a store – haha). As I was trying on some clothes, I noticed my poor red belly in the mirror – what really stood out though, was my appendix scar. Ever since I can remember, my belly has been puckered in along the scar, with a distinct divet to be felt. But now, it’s mostly gone! CRAZY. There is still one small part that puckers, but it looks totally different. I ran out of the change room to show my mom, but she didn’t really know what she was looking at. But I do because I’ve been looking at it for 9 years and it looks different. Scar tissue be gone!

At this point I was starting to feel really bruised and battered so we went home, I did my castor oil pack and went to bed. Nervous about letting them touch my abdomen tomorrow, but excited by the changes.


One Response to “Clear Passage – part 2”

  1. Laura November 22, 2011 at 3:47 pm #

    Very exciting… you are amazing! Sounds like the treatment has already had some positive effects.

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