Breakfast Woes

20 Apr

Are you guys any good at breakfast? I’m not. It’s mostly the result of my sheer laziness and my inability or desire to get up early a lack of time. Also, the things I crave aren’t what I should be eating: Eggs in all their forms, Tim Horon’s bagels lovingly covered in cream cheese or their equally delicious counterpart – the tantalizing Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, and pancakes/waffles/crepes (ok, so those last few really are due to a lack of time, because they can easily be made ‘safe’).

Good, nutritious breakfasts are something I really struggle with. Sometimes I legitimately don’t have time – I get called out in the middle of the night/early morning and have to go – a few hours later there’s a new person in the world and I’m STARVING after all my hard work (haha!). At that point I usually end up eating some toast and peanut butter (if we’re at the hospital) or some toast and peanut butter (if we’re at home). This is not nearly nutritionally good enough to get me through the last few hours of recovery, so by the time we’re all done I’m fantasizing about the BF sandwich again! The other thing I do is leave the house for clinic without eating anything – I’m usually fine for the morning, but then the afternoon comes and I’m all about the bad food choices!

My other problem is that I don’t love cold stuff in the morning – especially in the winter. So that makes cereal, fruit, yogurt and nuts, and my smoothies all seem very unappealing. Also, I don’t much love instant oatmeal – I like the real stuff, but see above re: time.

But a good breakfast sets the tone for your whole day and I know it keeps me from making bad food choices later in the day. So I’m going to work on this. For the next few weeks my goal is to have tasty, fast, nutritionally appropriate breakfasts. That can be eaten with one hand – while driving.


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