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Gluten-free vegan: REDUX

31 Jan


So here we go again. Back to the crazy world of attempting to use food to heal from the inside out. I am a mess. My joints hurt, my guts hurt, and my thyroid is out of control – normal antibody levels are less than 35. I checked them last week and it didn’t actually read a level – just said it was GREATER THAN 1000! What a disaster!

Since my last post almost a year ago, any kind of dietary anything has been non-existant. I’ve been spending a lot of time debating doing the GAPS diet – but it’s pretty restrictive and can be challenging at the best of times. In a nutshell, GAPS is a diet used by a lot of parents who have kids with Autism, ADD, etc, to promote healing and psychological improvement (if you want to know why this works, you’ll have to look it up, or ask me – but it’s too involved to go into here). Anyway, GAPS is meant to heal the gut and subsequently the body’s inflammatory process is lessened and auto-immune issues thereby decreased.

GAPS starts with drinking copious amounts of meat broth and moves to eating lots of meat, eggs, and naturally fermented foods (sauerkraut etc). When I read the book, it made a lot of sense for gut healing. But, when I consider what I know about anti-inflammatory/anti-estrogenic diets (for me), the amount of meat required just seems to go against all of that.

I met with my Naturopath to discuss the finer points of GAPS for me specifically and she agreed that all that meat would not be good for me. Further, I have an egg sensitivity and GAPS requires a lot of egg eating (I was really excited about this because I LOVE eggs), so that’s not going to work either. But, the gut healing aspects of the Intro Diet *would* be good for me.

So, basically we’ve decided that the best approach would be to start with the GAPS Intro Diet for a month or so, then moving on to a modified GAPS with a focus on Vegan and Gluten Free. I felt SO GOOD when I was eating vegan and GF and my body responded positively as well (recall when I actually made myself hypER thyroid).

What it boils down to is this: In keeping with Vegan/GF, I’ll be dairy and egg free for sure – with organic, grass-fed, antibiotic free blah blah meat or fish on occasion, and no gluten. In addition, I’ll be following the grain and sugar free approach of GAPS – no rice, quinoa, oats, etc and only honey as sweetener.

I can hardly wait.