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1 May

This past weekend I had a precious 36 hours off call. I packed a lot into a few hours! This is probably why I don’t feel like I had any time “off”, but I did have fun!

Thursday night I spent the night at a friends house so that we could get up early and watch the Royal Wedding live. Like many thousands of other people, some traditional English ‘tea’ foods were required for the event. As I’m trying to stick to my VGF way of life, I had to get creative. I made some fantastic ‘safe’ foods. I will put the recipe’s in a subsequent post.

Friday night saw Ian and I heading out with friends for my birthday dinner in Toronto. We went to Fressen, a fantastic vegan restaurant! It was so freaking exciting to look at a menu and know that I could eat almost everything on it. Pure joy! We started with some tapas: baba ganoush, hummus and some marinated olives. It was all wonderful, though Ian and I agreed we preferred our hummus. Theirs was still pretty good though.

Ian and I then shared a bowl of sweet potato, coconut, ginger soup. This may have been the best soup I have ever tasted. I half thought of ordering 3 more bowls and calling dinner done! But there were other things on the menu that I wanted to try. My main dish was a spelt pasta (not GF but wheat free) with grilled veggies and pesto and was AMAZING! I was glad I had re-thought the soup idea. Ian had a battered tofu with some greens and veggies which he thoroughly enjoyed. Natalie had the same pasta as I did and Glen ordered a Moroccan stew with brown rice. I tried a bite – it had been my second choice for dinner – it was also incredible.

For desert I had a cinnamon rooibos tea and we shared a chocolate flourless cake/pudding thing. I’m glad we split that between four of us because it was sooo rich! And it wasn’t too pricey either. The bill for the 4 of us came to $160 incl 4 alcoholic beverages, tax and tip.

It was SUCH a nice night – nice to spend time with some of my favourite people. Nice to not have to think about what I was eating and was I cheating again and then feeling like a terrible person etc etc etc. But the best part of all was waking up the next morning and feeling great – not bloated, not gassy, no sore back from my intestines pulling everything all out of whack ’cause they’re all in knots. Nope, nothing but feeling awesome! 🙂