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18 Mar

So, just before Christmas – after a strict 3 months VGF – I repeated my bloodwork. The results were impressive. My iron was normal (Hemoglobin 126) and my iron stores were higher than I have known them to be (Ferritin 64). Interestingly, I was now hyper-thyroid – as in now it was over-active, not under (TSH 0.02[much too low], T3 25 [too high – range is 12-21]). Given this, my GP recommended that I drop my meds by one pill a week.

Just this week I repeated my bloodwork. Please recall that I’ve really only be back on strictly GFV for less than a month.

My iron is the same, my iron stores have plummeted (Ferritin 22). And my thyroid is worse than it’s been in a year. TSH was 3.61 and T3 was 13 (barely normal). No wonder the Christmas weight has been sticking around and I’ve been dragging my ass!

Seriously?! I would have expected a small change in my thyroid given my meds were adjusted. But the rest of it? Could my diet really have been making THAT much of a difference? It’s the only explanation – nothing else changed!!

Scary, isn’t it?